100 Days of Happiness – Day 14

I have always been a very curious person, I am keen to learn new things, discover new places, meet new people and explore the world around me. Only very recently I have realised that this also requires me to move out and beyond my usual comfort zone, confronting the unfamiliar, being open for something completely different, expanding my horizon beyond what I know I like or love (be that music, films or other discussion topics) – and for that particular reason I was only too eager give the suggestion of a role play/fantasy board game evening a go.

Dungeons and Dragons Board Game

The game in question

And you know what, I really enjoyed it.

Not only did I get to be one of my favourite fantasy characters, a dwarf (ever since I have watched Lord of the Rings I hold Gimli in very high regards), but I also get to be a different “person” to whom I usually am. My job, involving raising awareness and advocating for children’s rights around the world, requires skills and qualities such as diplomacy, thoughtfulness, empathy, sensitivity, solidarity, patience and perseverance (ok, to be honest, I am not always very successful at demonstrating these), which to be frankly honest are not necessarily characteristics  for which a dwarf is known for. So I guess my fantasy character represents more my dark side, my stubbornness, my headstrongness, a young woman who is argumentative, dominant and up for a good fight. Hence through the fantasy board game I have found an acceptable way to let my alter-ego out without actually hurting or offending anyone – but oh what a pleasure it is to exterminate those monsters in the most cruellest ways possible and hence letting out my frustration and anger at all the “real” monsters in the world who disrespect children’s right and are responsible for awful children’s rights’ abuses.



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