100 Days of Happiness – Day 6

Every time I see it, it makes my imagination run wild. Every time I glance at it, I feel transported into another world. You can just feel its sparkly magic, its irresistible spell, it draws you in, it transforms you, it makes you realise how much you long to be a carefree kid again. You wonder what secrets it would reveal, what little whispered and shared stories it treasures, or how many friendships have been forged and sealed here. It is just out of this world, yet still in the middle of a capital city, nestled into a park just off one of the main avenues: the pirate ship.

The pirate ship

The pirate ship

Isn’t this a dream come true for a kid, ready to brave any challenge thrown his/her way, willing to take any test, so as to become a pirate hunting for a secret treasure or an adventurous captain who will navigate it across the seven Seas.
It makes me think of Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and all the others, and believe it or not, the ship makes me feel as if Neverland really does exist. Spinning these thoughts, makes the space in my brain reserved for imagination just extend beyond its seemingly limitless boundaries, oooh how I would love to play on that ship, and that thought alone captures my moment of happiness today.

Happy Monday everyone! #100HappyDays


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