100 Days of Happiness – Day 2

Bargello Ice-Cream defined my happiness moment on Day 3 of my Challenge. I first noticed this gourmet ice-cream parlour back in autumn on my way to work, and have been walking past it on several occasions always wondering what their ice-cream would taste like. Summer seems to have arrived early this year, and as I did not want to take my chances I asked my friend MFC (My First Commander) if she wanted to meet up with me for an ice-cream during our lunch break. Luckily for me, she agreed and we met at Bargello’s.

Bargello Glacerie (www.bargello.lu) offers ice-cream, which has been homemade according to the Florentine method g (I learnt today that ice-cream was “invented” in Florence during the Renaissance in the 16th century) giving this sweet delight a smooth and creamy consistency without adding colouring, additives or artificial ingredients. There are “only” about 10 milk-based ice-creams you can choose from, which on the one hand seem simple at first (they are not more than 3 ingredients per flavour) yet sound exquisite at the same time featuring ingredients such as lemon zest, mascarpone, green pistachios or Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

I opted for a medium pot with a scoop of deliciously wonderful Crema Bargello, which is made from fresh milk, mascarpone and a sip of coffee, and a scoop of the rich and dense Chocolate, made from fresh milk, cacao and dark chocolate. It tasted like a little piece of heaven, which I got to worship on Bargello’s courtyard while soaking up the sun…. The experience can be described in one word: Bliss.

Bargello Ice-Cream


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