100 Days of Happiness – Day 1

Getting my nails done made me happy today. I am not a vain person, and usually I do not care a lot about my physical appearance (now, no need to worry, I do shower at least once day, but I am the jeans-and-sneakers type of girl with the unruly curly mane, if you know what I mean. I want to feel comfortable in my skin and clothes, and I seriously cannot be bothered to be spending time in the bathroom putting on makeup which I have to scrape down again in the evening), but I like being pretty occasionally. This is why I visit my beautician about every 4-6 weeks to get my nails done, and this even more so once I realised that men actually do pay attention to women’s hands and nails (and yes, they even comment on your nails! I witnessed twice now!).

My nails were most certainly in desperate repair today – I had chipped 3 of my nails while doing my spring clean (which include giving my car and tyres some TLC) – so note to self, when cleaning the wheel covers next time put some gloves on, girl! The awful grime had found a way between the gel coating and my actual nail, and no scrubbing and washing could get it off. I conclusion, wanting to spare you too many details, the nails looked really ghastly. Hence I was so happy that I was able to bring my appointment at my beautician’s forward. It felt lovely getting pampered and looked after, and I have to admit she did a good repair job. And because I was in a good mood, I even let her beautify my nails with some subtle sparkling nail polish. After all, a girl needs some glitter once in a while.


My monthly manicure routine started in August 2012 when I was vacationing in Canada and I got pampered with the bride and matron of honour in a nail spa salon a few days before the big day. This I the first time I had come across a nail studio, and I soon realised that they are mushrooming across Canada and the US, are run by Vietnamese who charge a fraction of the cost you would have to pay over here, and are as much part a North American middle class woman’s weekend routine as is my trip to the grocery store. I was converted and have continued getting that treatment at my hairdresser here in Luxembourg ever since, and even more so after my oncologist to some extent “prescribed” it to me so that it could hide the ugly black spots under my nails, which are a side effect of chemotherapy.

Happy Wednesday Evening Everyone! (Or Morning/Afternoon depending on the time zone you are living in) #100HappyDays


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