The Challenge

Today was one of these days – I woke up after a restless night with weird dreams, I was in a foul mood from the moment I rolled out of bed, I was grumpy, moody and irritable, and I made sure that I would direct the full dose of its venom at my friends (or one in particular). Nothing seemed to cheer me up (even though I had had the wonderful news of a dear friend of mine having given birth to a baby boy yesterday evening and I had a fantastic healthy lunch with a trusted work colleague) and I seemed to plunge back in the depths of  “complaint” valley. By the time I left the office I seriously had enough of being this miserable for no apparent reason whatsoever – has anyone ever actually realised how much bloody effort it takes to be unhappy – way too much I can tell you, it is exhausting.  I actually hated myself for being this mean and bad tempered, I had gotten to the point where I even could not stand my poor despicable self. No, self pity does not suit me, it makes me look really ugly.

That is when I said “STOP” – I mean how low do you have to sink when you are annoyed by your own presence? So I promised the aforementioned friend who had to endure by bad tempered, sarcastic comments for most of the day, that I would try very hard tonight to “improve” myself. I even posted the following on my social media site “I am in a disgustingly foul mood and need to redress it. Someone please take me out for a drink tonight. URGENTLY!” – unfortunately to my further dismay, none of 400+ FB friends offered to come to my rescue, and honestly I do not blame any of them.

Well and then my favourite blogger of all times Sally (Unbrave Girl) posted the following: and saved me and my day. Because, in summary, all I want to be is – HAPPY. On top of that I love a challenge (I just completed my no Alcohol During Lent challenge!). This new challenge in short is to take a picture every day, for 100 days, of something that makes it happy and post it on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media site. Well I can most certainly do this, I can be happy, I can be happy for 100 Days in a row. I mean, hello, I have survived cancer, being happy for 100 consecutive days should not be that difficult right?

It also came to my mind that I love writing, I loved my previous Blog (Warrior of the Pen) and writing made me happy and still makes me happy, it is pure therapy. Therefore I decided to create a new blog, named it after a beloved book character whose nickname I was given due to my fabulous umbrella, and start writing again. Back home, after dinner, this is exactly what I did.  So what is my happiness moment (which I unfortunately cannot capture in a picture) on Day 0 (as the challenge only properly commences tomorrow? It is sitting right here in front of my computer, my beloved Jasper (yes, my laptop has a name, as does my car), with a bottle of a wine (Uva Mira Syrah from Stellenbosch, South Africa) waiting to be opened (and no I am not going to drink myself happy!!!). This is it for today, my perfect moment of happiness.

Happy Tuesday Evening Everyone!




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